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Back Massager

Using new compressed air technology, the Roll up, easy-to-use massage roller will help to loosen, relax and warm up your horse's back muscles before you work him.


This unique massage roller provides both pressure massage and pulsing massage in an automatic 4-phase cycle. It delivers all the benefits associated with classic massage in a 4-phase cycle.


The massage begins at the withers, and continues down along the back muscles. First, the horse receives a comforting stroking / pressure massage. Second, there is a  relaxation phase. Thirdly, a deep pulsating massage follows which can help tone and warm-up by increasing the horse's circulation.  Finally, this is rounded off by a relaxation phase, after which a new massage cycle begins.


The relaxation and stimulation of the back muscles increases the blood flow. This oxygenates the horse's muscles and thus helps remove metabolic waste products. An adequate supply of oxygen is essential for the regeneration of muscle fiber. Over time, you may notice an increase in the horse's muscle mass. The use of the Warm-Up is recommended even after riding.

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Roll Up 's Type

The Roll-Up can be used in the tack room or stable yard, in your trailer or in a horse trailer!


First, attach the Roll-Up® to its wall mounting, then insert one end of the bandage into the slit on the spindle. Pull the bandage up against the 'arm' switch with both hands to activate. The bandage will now be rolled up as tightly as you require.


Dirt (e.g. sand) can be conveniently brushed off the bandage as it is wound onto the spindle. When the bandage is completely rolled up, simply let go. The arm switch drops down, and the powerful motor automatically cuts out. Now remove the neatly rolled-up bandage from the spindle and roll up your next bandage.


The Roll-Up includes wall bracket and plugs.

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