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Vibration Therapy is a mechanical stimulus caused by oscillatory motion. 

The Vitafloor has three different Frequencies for all your stimuli needs:

  • 35Hz for bone related problems

  • 40Hz for all soft tissue, general training, muscle build, and warm up

  • 50Hz for Colic ( call Veterinarian first) 

"The Vitafloor is a great addition four our competition horses.

It helps to keep them in top shape, sound, and healthy!" 

Shannon and Steffen Peters, San Diego, CA




The Vitafloor VMC is the most compact Vitafloor to date. Being the smallest Vitafloor available, it combines superior upwards vibration along with a smaller plate size.  

Made from durable materials, the VMC's feet are adjustable and has a water resistant control box with a variable frequency control.

It can be supplied as a stand-alone plate only, or with our lightweight aluminum side bar system, which includes a safety click system for the front and back bars. This system is unique to Vitafloor and is the safest on the market today. 


All you need is a solid level surface and an outlet to plug in the control cabinet and you are good to go!

Stable Unit

The Vitafloor built-in stall and horse trailer units are an invaluable investment for training, veterinary and rehabilitation facilities wishing to optimize the well-being and performance of horses in their care.


All of the built-in models allow the horse to move about freely and naturally within a stall. The control cabinet has an automated timer and frequency settings panel which provides the ultimate practicality as no supervision is necessary during treatments.


These models are custom made to fit to your stall or trailer with the option of adding an airlift tilt mechanism which is proven to increase the effects and benefits of vibrational therapy by 30%.

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