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Racewood Simulators

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Racewood are the leading designers & manufactures of equestrian simulators. They offer unique and professional recognised products that are used all over the world.


"We are committed to developing simulators that can be used to teach riders at all levels, from beginner to expert and across all disciplines of riding." - Racewood

Our Simulator(Trinity)

​The fully interactive Simulator can be used for basic arena work and offers a revolutionary way to focus on skills and balance by viewing immediate visual feedback on seat position and riding movements. It is used worldwide by professionals and amateur riders as an essential aid to training.

Our Simulator accommodates riders of all levels from beginners to the advanced.

This amazing machine gives you the opportunity to practice advanced movements in a controlled envriroment. You can bring your instructor along or work with our in house trainer- Sasha Mittermayer who will guide you in improving your position and riding ability in the saddle. 

Eventing Simulator

Our most advanced simulator, the Eventing simulator does it all, from true to life grand prix dressage movements like Piaffe and Passage to jumping grid work or negotiating technical combinations on our cross country course. It utilises state of the art motion control technology to replicate a 1.20 metre jumping, this simulator moves in ways no other simulator can.

Riding Simulator

These Simulators are unrivalled as an instructional aid allowing beginners to learn in complete safety with the instructor beside them. This encourages novice riders to relax the spine and pelvis and develop good posture and allows riders to experience a horse’s movement without the worry of falling off or the need to keep the horse going forward.


Starting off slowly and increasing the speed with confidence is paramount.
The Simulator does exactly what it is instructed to do every time and can be used all day long. It only responds to the commands given, it is predictable and never misbehaves!


It has endless patience with unskilled or nervous riders. The Riding Simulator allows the instructor to stand by the horse and work closely with the rider to develop confidence and balance or practice with mirrors or video to improve posture

It is a great recover tool from injury when used alongside correct safety measured steps.​


Travis & Trinity

CHG Equestrian are proud owners of our very own

Racewood Simulator, namely Trinity.

Travis, our Dressage Simulator, was imported into South Africa in 2014. He was then sold on and is now in Cape Town at

Landskroon Equestrian Center.

Trinity, our Eventing Simulator, was imported to South Africa in 2016 when we realised an increased demand for jumping training. Trinity is stabled here in Kyalami on the

CHG Equestrian home-base. 

Both Travis and Trinity can preform their respective disciplines from the basic level to the most experienced.

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