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Product Range

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Professionals and amateurs all over the world benefit from the latest Q-line product developments. Q-Line products offer practical solutions for everyday problems up to special needs in the care and training of the horse.

Horse Treadmill

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The positive influence treadmills have on the endurance of horses is known and valued in all disciplines of the equestrian sport. The treadmill is an ideal tool to train the horse or use it for therapeutic recovery of the horse. Treadmill exercise will result in better endurance and muscle buildup.

Muscle Training

The Q-line® treadmill can give your horse all the necessary training he needs and is especially well suited for rehabilitation. The treadmill is a clever technological solution designed along with leading figures in equestrian sport and build to the highest standards, where safety is always our prime focus.

Horse Exerciser

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The exercisers are equipped standard with multiple safety features like the lightweight horse friendly drift fences. With the Q-line® horse exerciser you can provide your horse a controlled training. The safety of your horse was the prime focus in the Q-line® designs.

Daily Exercise

You can train your horses safely everyday in a Q-line® horse exerciser / training mill. The hot walker improves your horse's condition in many ways. Maneuverability, endurance and stronger bones are only a few of the traits your horse will be training.

Walk or Trot

The control boxes of our walkers are fit with many options for the time interval and direction reversal. The speed can be set with the water proof spedometer, directions can be set manual or digitally. You can choose to let your horses walk or walk and trot in the Q-line® horse exerciser.

Safety Wall

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Indoor riding schools have to meet a lot of safety demands and for a good reason, even indoor riders can achieve great speeds and this is not always without danger. The house walls are often covered with wood or steel and can cause injuries to horse and rider on contact.

Longest Life Span

Safety wall is a designed and developed patent pending indoor riding arena synthetic arena kick wall system. The arena safety wall has been specially developed for longevity but more importantly unbelievably increased safety for all riders and horses in mind. The key reasons for choosing this incredible product are cost, very high levels of safety to horse and rider, endurance, aesthetics, no decay, ease of maintenance. It really is as simple as that.


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Solariums can help improve your horse's performance and condition. The heat energy penetrates the skin into the underlying muscle and helps stimulate blood circulation, thus improves muscle elasticity and therefore helping recovery from reduction of injuries.

The generated heat increases the rate in which the muscles can absorb blood sugars and expel lactic acids.

​The Q-line horse solariums are also available with the latest technological advances in light therapy. By exposing the horse to certain light frequencies, a therapeutic effect is created and your horse is brought back into balance. In combination with the produced heat your horse will recover quicker after high performance.

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