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Because of the high prevalence of horses with back pains, Sedelogic has developed unparalleled pads for horses. The strongly pressure reducing Sedelogic pads are manufactured in various thicknesses.


Dependent on the use, a specific thickness can be chosen: 1- and 2-layers- 

The Sedelogic pads consist of a thoroughly breathing and pressure distributing structure, aiding in their shock absorbing ability. Below you can find all saddle pad variations:

Sedelogic orthopedic JPEG.jpg

Orthopedic Pad

The Sedelogic orthopedic pad has been developed for horses with back problems or for horses with sway backs. This saddle pad tapers from the back to the front. The thickness is 12 mm at the front and 23 mm at the back of the pad. This pad has further the same properties as the standard Sedelogic pads.

  • Length x width: 56 x 29 cm

  • Weight: approx. 450 g

  • Machine washable: 30°C

Sedelogic pads.jpg


This orthopaedic saddle pad, with its rear Thermapt technology allows for pressure reduction.

The S-Curve gives freedom to shoulders and withers which enables larger movement.

2 Layer XL

2 layer.jpg

The Sedelogic pad is made of several layers of breathable 3D woven polyester fibre. Because of this open structure, the pad ventilates better and creates a better discharge of heating. This keeps your horse considerably drier and there are less irritation spots on the skin. The 3D weaving technique creates hundreds of thousands of shock absorbers in the entire structure.

This reduces the number of pressure points.
We only recommende the 1 layer pad for a well upholstered dressage saddle. In all other cases a 2 layer pad is a better choice.

  • Length x width: 53 x 29 cm

  • Thickness: 12 mm

  • Weight: approx. 310 g

  • Machine washable: 30°C

  • Colours: white and black


Reverse Orthopedic Pad

The Sedelogic Reverse Orthopedic Pad is beneficial for horses where the saddle needs a bit of lift at the front, for example: horses with a high whither or underdeveloped muscle.

The pad tappers from the front to the back, it is 3 layers in the front, 2 layers in the middle and one layer at the back. This lightweight saddle pad can also be useful during a horses rehab or when the horse will be changing and gaining muscle. 

"One of these developments is the Sedelogic product range, where we have been able to solve a variety of bottlenecks on basis of intensive research. In the veterinary practice we are confronted with a large number of horses that have back pain. Therefore we performed an investigation of the back, the saddle and the pad by means of the worldwide first pressure measurements under the saddle during a jumping parcour. This research lead to the development of a strongly pressure distributing and shock absorbing horse pad, which consists of a three dimensionally woven polyester fibre. After further development a thermoplastic material was added to this pad to

boost the performance to an even higher level."

Drs. Jerome Stokkermans

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